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Edward Snowden has stepped out of the shadows to speak these 9 words. They expose again, that a vote for Hillary and the dems is a vote for corruption.

WikiLeaks has released the transcripts from Hillary’s paid speeches to mega banks like Goldman Sachs and has exposed how they have donated millions of dollars to her campaign.

Hillary Clinton is in bed with the banks. She and the banks screw hard-working Americans who have to play by all the legal rules that liberal make so they can play and profit—AT OUR EXPENSE! They make millions off of our hard-earned tax dollars, and we are forced bail them out. She is shameless. And she’s been getting away with everything for years.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Goldman Sachs and more corruption. Do not forget the crisis that happened in 2008 because of the mega banks like Goldman Sachs–and how WE bailed them out!

Thankfully, Snowden, Wikileaks’ Assange, and Project Veritas Action’s James O’Keefe are teaming up to expose her and her dirty deeds.


Only the ordinary American can stop her now. Your vote counts–BIG THIS TIME!

If she gets elected, she will become an unleashed monster.

It is impossible to correct abuses unless we know that they’re going on…if we are to produce a more civilized society, a more just society, it has to based upon the truth.   –Julian Assange

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