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Could This Be The REAL Reason For Comey’s Investigation? God Help Us…


You can call me a conspiracy loon. Go ahead. But given the unimaginable corruption that has been going on, and seeing what the dems will do to:

  1. Cover up dirty elite deeds for the sake of the extreme liberal ideology
  2. Jump ship and stab each other in the back when it comes crashing down to save their own behinds

I will propose a scenario that is not far-fetched at all. It would fit nice and neatly into the bat-poo crazy way these people do things.

*I wonder if Obama, based on their own internal polling and who sees Hillary on fire, has influenced James Comey to turn on her. This would make sense if he is after a Hillary indictment in order to declare a constitutional emergency and delay the election.

What a good deal for Comey…he can save his own butt.

What a good deal for dems…they ditch Hillary who may very well lose now.

She’s looking dirtier and dirtier. She’s become a liability to the democratic party. The powers that be (maybe under the direction of Soros?) want to put in a nice new shiny candidate to beat Trump.

Doesn’t sound too crazy, does it? Sounds very consistent with their astonishing power-mongering, corrupt, illegal, underhanded, American-defying-to-protect-elitism ways.

I hope I’m wrong. I really do. If this happens, we are screwed.

This is why it is IMPERATIVE for good Americans to do whatever they can to make their voices heard and protect their votes. Do your part and exercise your power to spread the word and expose these 1% elite dirtbags.



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