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TRUMP LEADS! Hillary’s Empire Is Imploding!


According to the latest ABC/Washington Post Tracking poll, Trump earns the support of 46 percent of voters, while Clinton has dropped to 45 percent. Looks like Clinton’s character and behavior is catching up with her.

Since Friday’s word of the email scandal reopening, Clinton has lost 7 points from among her most enthusiastic supporters. And when it comes to enthusiasm, Trump’s supporters are much more enthusiastic–8 points more enthusiastic, in fact.

Other good news: Amongst republican and GOP-leaning independents, support has risen from 80% to 86%. It’s good to see that republicans are coming to their senses. It’s still worrisome that it has taken this much for them to get there, but we’ll take it. Right?

Among true independents, who were split evenly for Trump and Clinton, support for Trump has also risen. Only 25% now support Clinton, and 54% support Trump.

Even the ultra-dim democrats have seen some light. Trump support has risen from 5% to 9%.

Now, leftist new like ABC would like to remind us that even though we see those statistics, we should remember that democrats outnumber republicans among those who will likely vote. We’re not surprised, since their dead and illegals vote–oh, and those they drag off the street with promises of cigarettes and beer.

Let’s also keep in mind the design of this poll. The partisan divisions looked like this: Democrats 38%, Republicans 28%, and Independents 29%. So, yeah. It’s entertaining to watch a liberal news organization down-play the advances of Trump. So, it’s probably better news than they make it sound.



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