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The FBI Just Came Out With Info…Hillary Is SPEECHLESS Now!


The latest news about the Clinton Foundation investigation is not good for Hillary. It’s good news for America, though!

Bret Baier from Fox News Channel tells about it in the following new clip.

Here are the highlights:

  • The FBI says with 99% accuracy that at least five foreign intelligence agencies have hacked Hillary Clinton’s secret server. She has put our nation’s security at risk.
  • An indictment is likely, according to sources within the FBI. They’re just hoping the Justice Department does not get in the way to protect Hillary. Loretta Lynch will do whatever she can to oppose this because she is so corrupt. The indictment would be with regards to the pay-to-play aspect of the investigation. Corruption loves money, and Hillary loves her rich friends like George Soros.
  • Anthony Weiner’s laptop has revealed more than just his weiner. The FBI has found emails on his laptop that originated on Hillary’s private and secret server. They may even be classified emails. Weiner can’t keep his weiner in his pants, and she gave him emails, too?
  • The FBI has been interviewing people twice or a third time. This is big. This means they have found new and improved information that they can use to force people’s backs up against the wall. The FBI has the laptops of Clinton aides Cherryl Mills and Heather Samuelson and they are going over the emails. And, if anyone who has been interviewed so far and gained immunity has been found to have lied, they will lose their immunity. Justice!
  • Now we know that this investigation has been bigger and has been going on longer than anyone has known. This goes to show you that Clinton thinks she is untouchable since she has gotten away with every dark, corrupt, ruthless, and evil thing she has done so far–going back to Little Rock. It’s time for her to be dealt with. Prison for a long time would make me giddy.

This is BEAUTIFUL. The WikiLeaks keep coming, too!


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