Sheeples, Don't Drink The Kool Aid...I Mean Starbucks! They Did This To Trump Supporters! - Democrat Busters
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Sheeples, Don’t Drink The Kool Aid…I Mean Starbucks! They Did This To Trump Supporters!


Starbucks is known for serving up more than coffee. They serve up liberal bullcrap, too.

Instead of designing their holiday cups with, well, the HOLIDAYS in mind, they use this opportunity to spread the word. Hillary’s word.

Hillary’s campaign slogan: “Stronger Together” has influenced Starbucks’ Clinton-supporter CEO, Howard Shultz, to back her up and launch the “Shared Values” cup. WTH??


No thank you. I DO NOT share the values of liberals. They hate free speech unless it’s theirs. They love corruption and hate. They prey on ignorance. They keep the black community as political slaves. They hate our constitution. They punish those who work hard and reward dead a$$es. They use education as their tool and don’t educate our kids. They love lawlessness and fear so they can grab more power. They like their people stupid.

“We’re all connected” Now, go out and riot like a good liberal. Now, go and sponsor a little corruption like a good liberal. Sickening.

So, yeah. Nice try Howie. You suck. And your coffee sucks, too.



Americans, screw Starbucks. Go to Chic-fil-A. Go support your local coffee shop. Brew at home. I’m not comfortable with my money supporting liberal causes and candidates. I worked too damn hard for it.

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