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TRASH the Electoral College?….Libs: “To HELL With The Framers of The Constitution”


The map above shows unbalanced power the populations centers would have if the electoral college were abolished.  If no electoral college, there’s likely be no campaigning in your state unless you live in the northeast or far west.

If all these Democrat cry babies want to get rid of the Electoral College…..let em try, and good luck with that!

As per Article V (that’s 5 for all you millenials), an amendment to abolish the Electoral College would need a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate, or two-thirds of the states in a convention, and then approval by three-quarters of the states.

Presidential elections is not an issue that the framers took lightly.  The issue was wrestled with mightily in 1787.

This quote sums up the struggle… “It is in truth the most difficult of all on which we have had to decide,” one wrote.

Having the president chosen by electors in each state, equal in number to the state’s representation in Congress, seemed to strike a good balance while also minimizing the risk of corruption or foreign influence. Voila!….out came the Electoral College.

When an Electoral College tie threw the election into the House of Representatives in 1800, and it took 36 ballots to make Thomas Jefferson president, the Twelfth Amendment was born, requiring separate votes in the Electoral College for president and vice president.

Attempts to change the Electoral College have been many, but a direct election would soon fail to be a national election, because candidates would campaign only in big states like California, New York, Florida and a few major cities in other states.

So far, nothing anything better than the Electoral College has been devised to give all voters a voice, and to give the president an ability to govern from a strong base.

Alexander Hamilton wrote that the way we choose the president, if not perfect, was “at least excellent.”

Do these detractors of the Electoral College really think we’re smarter that the framers of the Constitution??

Need more info…see professor make a case for the Electoral College in the video below:

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