FAKE NEWS ALERT!: Democrat Led Media Ignores Foreign Support For Hillary In The Election

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So we’re hearing alot about the foreign countries that involved themselves in our election.

BUT guess What?….It’s not Russia. And they didn’t support Trump.

The democrat led mainstream media, which has their panties in a wad because Trump won the election, must nurse their gaping political wounds by fabricating stories claiming Russia meddled with our elections by hacking DNC accounts.

NY Times:

In a statement from the director of national intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr., and the Department of Homeland Security, the government said the leaked emails that have appeared on a variety of websites “are intended to interfere with the U.S. election process.”

The emails were posted on the well-known WikiLeaks site and two newer sites, and Guccifer 2.0, identified as being associated with Russian intelligence.

But gee, they have no namable source.

However, what we do have is a long laundry list of foreign donors to the Clinton campaign. And with the Clinton’s long history of pay-to-play, you’ve got to wonder just who is guilty of being supported by foreign countries in the election.

So of course you won’t hear the democrat led media reporting this at the top of the newscast.

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