Uh Oh! – Russia Just WARNED Obama Over His ‘Election Hacking' Allegations....THIS is Worrisome! - Democrat Busters

Uh Oh! – Russia Just WARNED Obama Over His ‘Election Hacking’ Allegations….THIS is Worrisome!


Obama seems to be trying to start WW III for political purposes, and just because the Dems can’t face the fact that the AMerican people are tired of their bull crap for the last 8 years.

From The Angry Patriot

Obama continues to spew rhetoric that Russia was behind the hacking of the DNC and Wikileaks, so the Russians are calling him out!

The presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, laid it out plain and simple, stating, “They should either stop talking about that or produce some proof at last.”

He also said if they continue to go down this path, it would seem a bit “unseemly” and could lead to further problems between the two countries.

It is no secret that this administration has been a complete disaster as far as foreign relations are concerned.

We are very near a cold war era status with Russia, and even though Israel is an ally, Obama has put a wedge between the two countries that only Trump may be able to fix because of his existing relationships.

This is no little kid Obama is playing games with either. This is Russia, a superpower that is quickly rebuilding its military and is once again a very real threat if provoked.

If you ask me, this posturing by Obama is merely a way to further sabotage the presidency of Donald Trump. Between the recounts and the Russian hack, he wants the people of this country to believe Trump’s win was anything but legit.

Instead, what he may actually be doing is putting international relationships at risk and heightening tensions with our enemies. I guess if he can’t steal the election, he will just try to make sure Trump has a World War on his hands when he takes office.

I don’t like the Russians, but I sure am glad they are making Obama put up or shut up on this one. Now, the entire world will know he is a liar.

Obama said today in his press conference today that the American people should listen to and believe the reports of the intelligence agencies. Him and his lib buddies should read an believe the reports given to them and all his experts,  which said there is no creditable evidence to prove that Russia hacked the election. These dipwads keep complaining about false news but they continue to spew it.

What say you?

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