Group DEMANDS That 'White People' PAY Reparations to Blacks...."We're Coming To Get It" - Democrat Busters

Group DEMANDS That ‘White People’ PAY Reparations to Blacks….”We’re Coming To Get It”


Every now and then, groups pop up demanding that white people pay back what they stole from black people over the last couple of centuries.  What they fail to recognize is that they have already been paid for the last 60 years through all sorts of government programs and give aways.  Check this ludicrous video out…

If this group thinks that black folks should receive some form of payment for slavery let them put up or shut up. Just don’t expect it to come from the American taxpayer. We’ve MORE than payed them with welfare, section 8 housing, and those precious Obama phones… They can kiss my backside…

H/T Defund.Com

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