Netanyahu SLAMS 60 Minutes Reporter for "Anti-Semitic" Question! (VIDEO) - Democrat Busters

Netanyahu SLAMS 60 Minutes Reporter for “Anti-Semitic” Question! (VIDEO)


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was interviewed on 60 Minutes to particularly talk about President elect Donald Trump with host Lesley Stahl.

When Stahl asked Netanyahu about the allegation that Trump’s supporters were anti-Semitic, Netanyahu defended Trump, saying, “For God sake, he has Jewish grandchildren. He has a Jewish daughter, who converted to Judaism. I think we should keep sight of that.”

What in the world is wrong with today’s reporters. Why would she say that! Especially to another world leader…..does she hate Trump so much, she would sell out America? I guess gone are the days when Americans stood up for our leaders and great country. Let’s hope Trump can begin the work to have that happen. I’m positive that Hillary could not have united us. Her soul has been sold out too much.

As for Netanyahu, I love his comment…“We say that the boss ultimately decides the policy,” Netanyahu said. “The spirit of the commander permeates the troops. That’s our motto in the Israel Defense Forces, and that’s I’m sure true of the U.S. presidency as well.”

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