WATCH: Video Exposes How Easy It Is To Prey On College Kids. You Won't Believe This! - Democrat Busters

WATCH: Video Exposes How Easy It Is To Prey On College Kids. You Won’t Believe This!


If you need some easily-recruited followers for anything that sounds really crazy, just head to the nearest institution of “higher education.” They’ll fall for anything, thanks to our liberal educational system that pretty much just taught them to regurgitate what their teachers tell them. 12 years of prepping helps the professors put the heavy indoctrination on their little mush minds so they can set them loose on society. After that, they vote and procreate. Dang. We wonder why we’re in so much trouble as a nation?

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph took to the college campuses last December to talk to our best and brightest–our county’s future–those who have been taught critical thinking skills by the liberal education system–the educated–kids who already know it all although they’ve never played in the big world…. (I could go on and on…..)

This is a great glimpse into why race-baiting and the race issues keep getting fanned into flames. It’s because many Americans are just plain stupid. They’re easily led–like this:

If this disturbs you as much as it disturbs me, then make it a point to be sure that the youth are reclaimed from the educational system. Home educate. Privately educate. At the very least, be sure that you scan what influences are heavily laid on your kids and grandkids and challenge them. Stupid America is lost America.

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