This VIDEO Is BLOWING Up The Internet...Totally DESTROYS The “Precious Young Snowflakes”! - Democrat Busters

This VIDEO Is BLOWING Up The Internet…Totally DESTROYS The “Precious Young Snowflakes”!


Even though I laugh, it’s sad commentary on our times. What really scares me is that these are the people who will become our leaders. Maybe bringing back the draft for young men AND women would help get things back on track. These so called snowflakes don’t need coddling…. what they need is a good kick in the ass, then they need to get to the library and study!!!  Check this out…

From BizPacReview

In this season of giving, there is one traumatized group we shouldn’t forget — the thousands of precious snowflakes who’ve been personally victimized by the knowledge that they’re living in a country soon to be run by someone they didn’t vote for.

Clip via MRC-TV

In their promotion of this hilarious clip, the Media Research Center writes that as a result of the country shifting to the political right,“America’s precious young snowflakes lose their minds, and folks, this is no laughing matter!”

The spot points out that while our colleges and universities are trying to do their part by providing kittens, Teddy bears and coloring books, it’s clearly not enough.

“We need your help to make sure these snowflakes no longer have to live in fear of being offended by facts and logic, opposing points of view, triggering harmful things like proper pronouns or cultural Halloween costumes,” two of the spokesmen say.

“For the price of a pumpkin spiced latte a week,: you can help a snowflake from being triggered on a college campus near you,” the spokeswoman informs the viewers.

And why should we give?

“Because your feelings matter,” we’re told. “But their feelings matter more.”

Before you dip into your wallet, MRC added this disclaimer:

Save the Snowflakes is not an actual organization. Save the Snowflakes is a special project of the Media Research Center with the aim of bringing attention to the “precious snowflakes” across America, whose feelings continue to be hurt by conservative rhetoric, social triggers, disagreeable opinions or opposing points of view.

Can you imagine turning on the TV and here is your kid snowflaking!?! That would be their last day of school if I was footing the bill. I’d be stopping that immediately and putting a down payment on a vacation home. They’d be getting their degree from the VA program after they got out of the Army. because they wouldn’t be allowed to move back home. But because this is my attitude it wouldn’t happen within my family.

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