**BREAKING*BREAKING*BREAKING** New Evidence Just Surfaced About Obama's Birth Certificate! This Is Going To The FEDS Now! - Democrat Busters

**BREAKING*BREAKING*BREAKING** New Evidence Just Surfaced About Obama’s Birth Certificate! This Is Going To The FEDS Now!


What the heck? This is absolutely insane that the major news outlets aren’t on FIRE with this!

The only thing we’re seeing is, “yeah, yeah…the birthers are back. Whatever. Nothing to see here, but more of the same.”

This video of the news conference regarding the latest forensic evaluations of Obama’s birth certificate is ASTONISHING!!

There were so many people who knew things weren’t right, and the Left kept screaming, “conspiracy theorists!”

Like Mike Zullo stated in this press conference, “This was never about Barak Hussein Obama, this was about the document.”

The video goes on to explain the forensics regarding the document, and 9 points of forgery. It is compelling. Very compelling. And, is being referred to the feds now. I’m not sure I trust the feds with this. I’d feel better if this was reviewed when Obama’s people are out of power because their corruption is so vast and deep.

From USA Today:

At 4 p.m. sharp, Arpaio and a member of his Sheriff’s Office’s Cold Case Posse had a big message for the 40-odd journalists in attendance: You were wrong.

Arpaio and his aides announced that a five-year investigation had “proved” that Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii in 1961 was a fake. An accompanying presentation highlighted what they called “9 points of forgery” on the document, which focused on the angles of date stamps, typed letters and words.

According to the theory, the birth certificate presented to the public was created after copying and pasting information from the legitimate birth certificate of a woman born in Hawaii.

Unfortunately, liberal news organizations like USA Today frame their stories in such a way as to lead the reader to believe that this is just more of the same crazy conspiracy theorist games and attempts to discredit Obama.

So, here you go…the video for you to watch for yourself, without liberals telling you what the story is.

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