DOE REFUSES To Disclose Information To President-Elect Trump! A Certain Fate Awaits Them! - Democrat Busters

DOE REFUSES To Disclose Information To President-Elect Trump! A Certain Fate Awaits Them!


DOE Reportedly Refuses to Give Trump Names of Climate Change Employees

This is the level of idiocy that has been running the show for 8 years. At what point do they think that they will not have to compile the names, or loser their job? Um, Trump will be their boss in a few days.

Why it’s so hard to end a boondoggle department in the US government is beyond me. The Department of Energy is an entire department in which it’s funds, which are furnished by me and you, are used not for climate, but for globalism, wealth redistribution, and political power.

And “career employee” is a term that should never be associated with the federal bureaucracy.

Unfortunately, because of the entitlement disposition of many Americans, it is. Government employees think they are entitled to their jobs.

The Department of Education should go next. Jimmy Carter (the worst president ever until Obama came along) formed both departments, the DoEnergy in 1977 and the DoEducation in ’79. They’ve both grown out of control. The power needs to be handed back to the states.

The Washington Times reported on Tuesday that the Department of Energy, headed by Ernest Moniz, has refused to hand over a list of employees who have worked on climate change programs. A reasonable request, as the new President will be shifting gears regarding the incredibly left ideology that the department has driven over the last eight years.

It quoted White House press secretary Josh Earnest as saying the move “could have been an attempt to target civil servants, career federal government employees.”

“If we had to replace the entire Department of Energy every time a new president was elected, that is certainly going to undermine the ability of those at the most senior levels to implement a coherent and effective energy policy,” Earnest said.

“Coherent and effective energy policy?” Exactly. The Left needs to understand that they don’t get to define what a “coherent and effective energy policy” is anymore. Trump is about to shake it up and pull the plug. It’s about time, and that is what the American electorate has chosen him to do. This is obvious, since Trump is expected to  name former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to head up the agency. Perry has said during his presidential bid that he would abolish the department.

Americans would like to see Trump say this: You’re not going to furnish me with the list? YOU’RE FIRED!!

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