Oh My God!! Sean Hannity Just Delivered The BEST News To Trump And Supporters! We NAILED IT! - Democrat Busters

Oh My God!! Sean Hannity Just Delivered The BEST News To Trump And Supporters! We NAILED IT!


Hopefully, you were able to catch the inspiring Trump rally in Pennsylvania.

Trump said we’ll get tired of so much winning. I’m not tired at all yet!

Top pollster, Frank Luntz, appeared on Sean Hannity. He revealed his opinion that Trump will create a permanent Republican majority.

Can you imagine that?

A Permanent Republican Majority!

That would be a game changer for the safety and welfare of our county. The Democrats want to bring this country towards globalism. They really believe in this utopia crap. Come on. They haven’t found a unicorn yet, or Sasquatch, or the end of the rainbow, but they keep insisting on globalism.

We are thankful for the strong wills of the American people who brought back reality and sanity, and voted for Trump.

Frank Luntz: “I did not think Trump had a good chance. But I thought he was absolutely viable because of what he said and how he said it… If Trump can keep this majority of these new voters who have never voted Republican before and bring back some of those Republicans from the suburbs who voted for Clinton but voted Republican all the way down the line this is a long term majority. He has a chance to change politics as we know it if he can keep both of these two groups together and he has the ability to do it.”

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This Christmas season is much better this year. We have so much to be hopeful for! Let’s make America GREAT again!

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