VIDEO: ALERT! This Is Perhaps The Most Dangerous Place In America!! And Americans Willingly PAY For IT!

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Dangerous. It’s not an exaggeration. We are in grave danger when it comes to our future. Thankfully, we have at least 4 years to gain a chance to at least start to turn things around, but if we don’t take care of this most imminent danger, we will never be OK as a nation.

This is a fantastic, and justified, rant about the horrible predicament we are in as a nation with young people as weak and feeble-minded as this. Hopefully we will see the pendulum start to swing back as conservative parents start to become activists over where they send their college children (yes, they act like 5 year olds now). The silent majority has been silent too long, and now that we’ve taken back our government, we need to start taking back our children. They are our future.

When have Americans forgotten that they PAY for a product when it comes to college? When have they decided to hand over their kids’ minds to heinously liberal people whose jobs are about social engineering more than education? And then willingly PAY for it?

When enough patriotic American parents who foot the bill for college start to take their responsibilities seriously again, and refuse to send their kids to liberal universities and colleges, guess what? There will be colleges and universities that adjust their behavior to gain your money again. Let’s watch the liberal universities shrivel up and die from lack of funds. They have become more of a cancer to our society than a help.

Watch this video below. You need to know what has been going on.

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From Brittany Hughes at MRCTV:

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