Excellent Work! Liberal VIDEO Edited To Make It PRO TRUMP! (VIDEO) Ha ha!

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Last week, celebrities put out a video begging the Electoral College members not to vote for Donald Trump. Here is that video just below.  But some fellow conservatives have revised the this video to turn it into a PRO TRUMP commercial!  Haha!

 From Twitchy:

Cancel the Oscars! This edit of Martin Sheen and company’s crybaby video deserves all the awards

As Twitchy reported, celebrities have gone from laughable to outright deplorable, having appended introductions to their ridiculous video directed toward the members of the Electoral College in order to address individual electors by name.

That smacks of outright intimidation, and fortunately, someone has smacked these clowns right back with a fantastic edit of their little movie.


See this Video…haha!

That was awesome.  This version is so much better and so uplifting!

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