GOP Elector Threatened, STALKED On Freeway By Libs!(VIDEO) - Democrat Busters

GOP Elector Threatened, STALKED On Freeway By Libs!(VIDEO)


Arizona GOP elector Robert Graham appeared on FOX and Friends today to talk about the abuse he has suffered after Donald Trump won the November election.

This should be punishable by law. Disgusting the way Democrats are behaving after their loss. Many Democrats are leaving the party because they are ashamed of how the leaders are reacting. Pathetic and ridiculous!

Graham said the abuse and harassment is affecting the well being of electors for Trump.

Hillary supporters harassed Graham with thousands of email messages.

Graham said he was threatened and followed by people with cameras on the freeway.

Today the Electorial College does the job they were sworn in to do. Today, they continue a time honored tradition of casting the vote for the candidate their State duly elected. It is about the will of all the people that they were chosen to uphold. It is time for our country put aside their personal feelings and unite as one people and one country, as we have ALWAYS done. It is our responsibility to make our nation the strongest and most honored in the world. Politics are over, now we do our duty as the citizens of this great nation. What a blessing it is to be a citizen of The United States of America. Never forget it. May God lead us and heal us.

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