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Whoopie Goldberg Open Her Loud Mouth-Trash Talks Trump’s Kids–INSTANT REGRET!


What the Trumps do is their business. What the hell do you care Whoopi?

Apparently, she cares a lot. Enough to go on another tirade/hissy fit. Isn’t she tired of complaining?

We are.

Maybe we should give her a break. She just needs people to think she is special (and not just a special kind of STUPID), but that she actually matters on the landscape of our country.

Lets face it, she was a wash-up after the movie Ghost. She’s a has-been, and needs to feel like people actually like or miss her.

This is how she tries to show her relevance. It’s pretty sad. And it’s not even working. Ratings are suffering on The View. People are growing tired of the hate and whining.

Goldberg has made it her life mission to attack Trump and his family with every opportunity she gets. But she may have gone off the deep end the day after the diatribe about abortion and Christmas, when she began railing about Trump consulting his children during the transition period between the election and his swearing-in on January 20, 2017.

It seems that she has a real problem with Melania and Barron finishing the school year in New York and not joining Trump in the White House after the inauguration. Why does she have such a problem with this?

She is off the rails about Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, having any sort of role in the White House.

See, liberal women love women–unless they’re republican women. Then the hate them, and loathe any opportunity or accomplishment they have. What hypocrisy!

Women in the White House is nothing new, Whoopie.

Many presidents have sought counsel from family members on important topics of state – FDR called his wife, Eleanor, his “eyes and ears” as she traveled the country, meeting ordinary people and reporting back to him.

When President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke in 1919, First Lady Edith became virtually the shadow president with, “every document, letter or paper from the Senate, the Cabinet or the public addressed to the President going to her,” according to contemporary sources.

Wives of presidents going back to Sara Polk and Helen Taft, who attended meetings with their husbands, were involved in their husband’s administrations. And even more active roles were taken by Rosalynn Carter and Hillary Clinton in the more recent past.

So what’s the problem, Whoopie? It’s nothing more than pure hate. The Trumps aren’t liberal, and she hates them.

Well, people are growing weary of Whoopie. She needs to move on and get a brain. Tweets tell the story:


Whoopies tirade–if you can stand it…

(who wears these things, anyways?)

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