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SHOCKING! Berlin Killer Was Being Investigated Before Attack! (VIDEO)


Apparently, it’s too difficult to send someone back where they came from these days.  Germany says…’we tried, but just couldn’t do it’.  Well, tell taht tho the families of those killed in the market attack.

From FT

Germany tried to deport Tunisian suspect in Berlin attack

Europe-wide alert for failed asylum seeker Anis Amri described as armed and dangerous.  A manhunt is under way across Europe after German authorities issued an appeal for information about the suspect in Monday’s deadly attack on a Berlin Christmas market.

The federal prosecutor issued an arrest warrant and a European-wide alert for a 24-year-old Tunisian man, Anis Amri, on Wednesday warning that he could be armed and dangerous.

German authorities said they had tried to deport Mr Amri earlier this year but were unable to do so because Tunisia refused to recognise him as a citizen.

The prosecutor is offering a €100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. Documents identifying Mr Amri were found in the cab of the truck used in Monday’s assault.

Ralf Jäger, interior minister for the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia, where the suspect once lived, said he had earlier been investigated in Berlin on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack but the probe had been closed.

The suspect’s story illustrates the problems Germany has encountered in trying to deport migrants whose asylum applications are unsuccessful. It is also indicative of the broader security challenge posed by the influx of refugees into Germany during the past two years, many of them from Muslim countries in the Middle East….Read More


Anis Amri

Tunisia wouldn’t take him back? Come on man – that’s an easy problem – fly over the country kick him out of the plane – preferably without a parachute. This response from Germany is incoherent.

The fact that the countries these murderers came from will NOT take them back shows the world the degree of difficulty they will have in fixing this problem, thanks to leaders like Merkel of Germany.

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