Ohio GOP Elector Votes for TRUMP>>Then Gets Creative With Harassing Letters From Democrats! (VIDEO)

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Here’s what one fine elector decided to do with all the crap letters he’s been receiving lately from sore loser Democrats….

From Fox Insider

Richard Jones is the sheriff of Butler County, Ohio, and a Republican elector in The Buckeye State.

After casting his vote for President-elect Donald Trump on Monday, Jones posted several tweets that show just what he thought of requests to ditch Trump and vote for another candidate.

Photos and videos show Jones first lighting a cigar and then burning the thousands of anti-Trump letters he received in a fire pit.

“Got a lot of letters to burn,” Jones said in one video. “We’ve got our electoral votes and we got a new president.”



Sheriff Jones posted the videos on Twitter:

If a Democrat received those letters it would have been brought to media’s attention and they would have made a huge story about them and fellow democrats would have been outraged. This guy’s doing the right thing by burning this garbage and moving on.

He should have posted each and every one on social media before he burned them.

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