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WATCH: Black Trump Supporter DESTROYS CNN Reporter For Race Baiting!


During his presidential campaign, Trump asked the black community if they were better off now that they have had a black president for eight years.

He asked America if race relations were better now that the “great uniter” had been given eight years as the head of this multi-racial country.

Anybody with half a brain can answer those questions without much thought.

It’s clear that Obama’s two terms as President have destroyed race relations, and it’s because he was never interested in uniting America.

Obama and the democrats are interested in race-baiting to keep the black segment of society needy and on government assistance. People like that vote for people who give it to them. This secures the black vote for democrats. And, the dems want more of them, hence the gross imports of muslim migrants who, statistics show, get on government assistance and stay on government assistance.

It’s a sick plan, and it plays on the worst parts of human nature. This is what the dems are all about, and this guy nails this CNN reporter for his attempt at race-baiting. It is absolutely EPIC!

And this, my friends, is why Trump received more of the black vote than other republicans. As reported by Forbes, Trump secured more of the black, latino, and asian vote than Romney did in 2012.

So even though the left, armed with the liberal left media, continued to push the narrative that Trump was racist in an effort to discredit him and to influence the vote towards Hillary…


Trump still prevailed with earning 2-3 percentage points more from each of these groups.





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