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WATCH: Even Liberal Bill Maher NAILS Dems For DENIAL About Radical Islam!

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It continues to astound me to watch the hypocritical liberal thinking on parade during the last election cycle, and now that Trump is our new President. They’ve been off the chain, exposing their vehement beliefs…and they simply don’t add up.

Aren’t liberals supposed to be for women? Don’t they just go off the rails when they catch a sniff of any (even manufactured) of inequality?

How in the hell can they support the shipping in, and mass amounts, of a people group and a religion than eshews equality?

And libs hate Chrisianity, claiming that it is intolerant and hateful. They try to squash it at every point in society. Yet they encourage Islam in schools, universities, and even put Muslims in high positions in our government.

Do they have mental problems, or are they just horrible thinkers? It’s a lose-lose answer here.

Watch Bill Maher spell out the ridiculousness of liberal thought in this video. If he can figure it out, what the hell is wrong with the rest of liberal Americans? Be sure to scroll down and leave a comment as to why you think liberals embrace Islam so much here in America.

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