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Watch These Liberals Talk. INCREDIBLE! You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!



These are Hillary supporters, y’all. The face of liberalism in America. They are clueless about the issues at hand, and yet have very strong opinions of what they know NOTHING of!

It’s actually quite shocking. They can’t pass simple tests and are out being activists for the democratic party, yet they vote from this absolutely uneducated position.

These are the same people who are screaming and crying about the upcoming  Trump presidency as if it will be the doom of America.

Really? Oh, we can really trust their opinions….because they sure know what they’re talking about, right?

Yet the media gives these dumb a$$es a voice. Yep. Their voices are the ones that are perpetuated on society. And libs want our voices to be shut down. Remember, they call conservatives “fake news propagators.”

Watch for yourself. Be sure to watch till the end. The last one will make you slap your forehead…I’ve always said that the way to fix America is through education and getting rid of crappy, liberal educators.

Sometimes I wish there could be simple tests to pass to be able to vote. You shouldn’t be this stupid and get the privilege to vote for things so crucial to the welfare of our society.

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