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HILLARY Funded, Armed, And Aided ISIS….New Proof That She Is A CRIMINAL!


It’s about time that someone found the proof needed to prove what Americans knew already. I’m sure glad that people could see her for what she really is time to put her in prison…Go Trump!….Drain the Swamp!

From USA NewsFlash

New researches shows us that while Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton funded, armed, and aided ISIS with Saudi Arabia’s help.

More than a 100 pages of classified documents of Defense and Department of State exposed Obama administration on a big cover-up for Hillary’s and States Department’s role in the rise of ISIS.

These documents are proving that Hillary sent U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens to Libya, in order to ship weapons from Benghazi to support al Qaeda mercenaries. With this, she helped them fighting the Assad regime in Syria, effectively arming the Sunni jihadists who morphed into ISIS.

As Conservative Daily Post reported, the documents further confirm the terrorists behind the Benghazi attack that killed Amb. Stevens was the exact same mercenaries Hillary Clinton armed and funded.

Hillary Clinton also funded ISIS through Saudi Arabia. Under Clintons leadership, she approved the largest weapons deals in United States history to the Saudi’s, who then funneled them down to ISIS in 2013.

What did Hillary get in return? More than $25 million in “donations” to her “Foundation” from the Saudi Kingdom.

Top Trump adviser Tulsi Gabbard, Congresswoman from Hawaii, introduced the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act,” to forbid the United States from supporting ISIS and Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Any former or present government official proven to have armed and aided terrorists would be charged with treason.

Now if this is shown completely true, do you agree that Hillary should be tried for treason for arming and supplying ISIS and Al-Qaeda while acting as our Secretary of States?

I have been asking why Hillary (the Clinton foundation had received the massive contribution from the Saudi and Syrian group……well my question has been answered) this is absolutely, absolutely disheartening……what greed does and how can you live with yourself when you contribute and ruin people’s lives…I think this is just the beginning of many secrets surfacing!

She delibertly sent our Ambassador to Benghazi on a personal mission to save her own hide, then refused to send help when he was under attack. For this alone she should stand trial for treason and sent to a federal prison.


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