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WATCH This Race-Baiting Liberal LOSE IT After Tucker Carlson Exposes What He Wrote In His Book!


Liberal mind on parade.

It’s quite fascinating. They think they can just outright lie, deny facts, lie about what they actually said or wrote (um, helllllloooo? It’s right there in black and white for all to see, dumba$s)

But, this is the liberal way. They really are not mentally able to think correctly.

This guy is just a piece of crap.

Watch Tucker Carlson call him out on what he tweeted that morning.

Watch Tucker call him out on the dehumanizing way he talks about having sex with women.

Watch Tucker totally obliterate him with his own words.

Then try to keep from smacking your forehead over, and over, and over, and over…

So, to start–Tucker asks Tariq Nasheed, professional race-baiter and all around nasty sub-human, how he can justify what he tweeted with factual evidence. Tucker asks him this, because Nasheed has a large audience and is quite busy whipping them up into a hate frenzy.

So, Tucker tries to pin him on justifying at least one fact. Nasheed get all pissed, well, because he can’t win here.

Nasheed is the author of a book, The Art of Mackin. In case you are a decent human being, you may need to know the definition of mackin:

From the Urban Dictionary:


Translated, the “art of getting a woman to have sex with you”–as if they’re just objects, you know. Anyways, when Tucker holds him accountable for the things he writes, Nasheed tries to deflect the facts.


“Tucker, the fact that you’re that desperate to get one of my books — it’s a book on satire, it’s a tongue-in-cheek book, it was written in a comedic fashion — the fact that you’re getting that to try to justify disenfranchising me to try to–”

“I knew you were going to say that,” Tucker shot back. He attempted to read an interview Nasheed gave to Esquire back about the book, but Nasheed again cut him off.


Now watch this idiot try to turn the questions away, outright lie (isn’t he just a little worried about looking like a total dumbass?), and completely LOSE as Tucker rips him a new one. It’s brilliant.

Say hello to liberalism. Not a damn brain in their heads. And liars, to boot.

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