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POLL: Should We Ban Sharia Law?


As we have seen in states such as Michigan, Muslims congregate in certain areas and begin to shove Americans out with their bullying behavior. When there is a majority in that area, they institute sharia law. This is their long term plan. Eventually, by both immigration and birth rates, they plan to overcome Americans and bring sharia here as a way of life. It is a process, and a deliberate one.

Watch what happened in Dearborn when Christians were in the area and wanted to talk to Muslims at a festival. This should absolutely disgust you. These police officers should be arrested for protecting sharia above American law.

Now check out how they tell about the take-over plan in America. We just saw 8 years of Muslims in very high positions in the White House, and both Obama’s and Hillary’s strong connections to organizations like CAIR.

If we do not put laws in place that specifically ban sharia, they will bully until they dominate. We have invaders here who, instead of coming in tanks and jumping from planes, come through our open doors and use our immigration policies, as well as our weakness in enforcing our immigration laws to invade and take over. It’s happening before our eyes–in plain daylight.

The question is– will we act on the imminent danger that is posed to our society as it comes slowly and through our laziness and weakness, or will we tackle the invaders as if they were coming with traditional military force? At what point will our government get up-to-date with the emerging and changing face of invasion?

Please vote in the poll below. Tell us what you thing we should do. Pass this along to everyone you know!

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