WATCH: Sheriff DESTROYS Welfare Queen After She Was Caught Doing THIS To Children-And At Christmas! Horrible! - Democrat Busters

WATCH: Sheriff DESTROYS Welfare Queen After She Was Caught Doing THIS To Children–And At Christmas! Horrible!


We know that deplorable people routinely abuse the system. The term “welfare queen” comes to mind here.


This woman stole toys from needy. Somehow, though, she drives a Cadillac and receives $500 from the government a month.  Sheriff Grady Judd made a point to draw attention to the terrible discrepancy.

“She drove up in her Cadillac. Did you hear me? She drove up in her Cadillac.”

This Sheriff takes it upon himself to announce the crime committed and hold it up for everyone to see. Tammy Strickland stole toys from the charity organization Toys for Tots for her own personal gain.

She submitted an application for around 140 children need, and provided fake names and portions of Social Security numbers. I wonder what was going through her mind when she did that?

After the police department determined that her application was false, detectives contacted her for a “toy pickup.” She pulled up in her Cadillac and was then arrested.

“This is really not the Grinch,” Sheriff Judd stated, holding up mug shots of both despicable characters side by side.

“THIS is the Grinch,” he said.

The Sheriff seemed particularly frustrated and annoyed that this criminal had been taking advantage of welfare and was driving a Cadillac, a pricey vehicle, while stealing Christmas charity gifts from children.


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