Illegal Immigrants Found With Voter Registrations When Arrested>>On A Regular Basis Says Ex-ICE Agent! - Democrat Busters
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Illegal Immigrants Found With Voter Registrations When Arrested>>On A Regular Basis Says Ex-ICE Agent!


This is totally unnaceptable and must be stopped at whatever cost. We are not a third world, banana republic and we should reject the idea of becoming one!

It is an undeniable fact that a vote from an illegal is a vote for the Democrats, all whom for the price of a vote, are selling our country’s soul to anti-American immigrants!

From Fox Insider

Voting by illegal immigrants is easy to do and is being done in the United States, a former ICE agent explained on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

President-elect Donald Trump made headlines over the weekend with a tweet about his defeat to Hillary Clinton in the popular vote.

 Many on the left accused Trump of spreading an outright lie about illegal immigrant voters.

To assess the claim, O’Reilly talked to retired ICE Special-Agent-In-Charge Claude Arnold, who said he “routinely” arrested illegal immigrants who had voter registrations.

“I worked in six locations across the United States. I probably arrested more than 1,000 illegal aliens in my career and I routinely encountered people who were in possession of voter registration cards. And as a part of my interview of them when they were arrested, I would ask them, “Do you or have you voted?’ and often, I would get the answer ‘yes,'” he explained.

Arnold agreed with O’Reilly’s statement that “it’s easy to do it and it’s being done.”

Arnold said that there is a very high demand for counterfeit documents like a drivers license because a large swath of the illegal population want to work.

He said there are often several illicit document vendors in neighborhoods with high illegal immigrant populations.

Because some states only require a drivers license number to be recorded to register to vote, or apply for an absentee ballot, the illegal registrations “are not necessarily picked up,” he said.

What other countries besides the U.S. allows people to walk over the border without a single scrap of paper showing who they are or where they came from and give them schooling, jobs, housing and healthcare at the expense of the working citizens of that country?

What country allows them to keep their culture language again at the expense of the culture and language of the citizens of the country that took them in and allows them to fly their flag and burn the flag of country that took them in?

Give up? Can’t name even one? That is because there isn’t any.

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