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EXPOSED! Colonel Ollie North Shows How OBAMA Lied!


Barack Obama spoke at a press conference for all the nation to see, and when he addressed the $400 million ‘payment’ to Iran, most every well thought person in the USA knew he was full of it.

Of course, just following when U.S. soldiers are rescued captivity in Iran, a load of money ($400 million) just happedns to  makes its way to Tehran, Iran for their pleasure. Really?

Just check out Obama’s speech on the matter, if you can take it:

I’m not sure whow anyone can believe this load of crap eminating from his lips, but it just gos to show you that people will believe anything they want to believe.

Fortunately, along comes Lt. Col. Oliver North to set Obama straight in a video piece from Hannity. North goes over exactly why Obama is the most pitiful President of our era, and particularly why this ransom payment to Iran was the latest in a long line of wrongful behavior on the part of the this President.

This is absolutely fabulous by North, and I couldn’t agree with him more.

Mr. North….we need more patriots like you.

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