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Sarah Palin Says What We’ve All Been Thinking About the United Nations! Bravo!


Getting out of the UN has been a dream for most conservatives since Ronald Reagan was president.

However, Libs and Democrats have used the UN do do their bidding on many occasions, so when they take power every 8 years or so, they just bolster this anti-US organization, create more anti-U.S. sentiment throughout the world, and also push for wealth transfer through global warming madness.  Thanks for speaking up Sarah, and saying what we’re all thinking.

Sarah Palin made the case in an interview with Breitbart:

Sarah Palin: President Trump Should ‘Call for the Unshackling of the Political Bands Tying Us to the UN’

On Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM, former Alaska Governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin talked with Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam about the return of national sovereignty that began with Brexit and might lead to a United States withdrawal from the United Nations in the wake of its anti-Israel vote.

“I think many of us have called for America to really step up and consider what it is that we are funding and supporting via the UN, and how it works so hard really against U.S. interests, and just saying – look what the U.K. just did,” Palin said, referring to the Brexit vote.

“This is such an encouraging time, where it’s not just us, but those across the pond, too, are understanding that their nation’s sovereignty and security are on the line here, with the ties that bind us to interests that really don’t further our agendas,” she declared.

“So when the U.K. made its move, it was just another reason to call yet again for the U.S. to get the heck out of the UN and get the UN out of the U.S. Let’s get going on putting America first so that we can sweep our own porch before telling other nations how to sweep theirs,” she advised.

What does the United Nations do for America anyway?

Besides cost us money and meddle in our affairs, not much.

Liberals hold them up as some sort of international human rights tribunal but the organization is infested with anti-American sentiment and officials from countries which hate us.

We gave them the the property, we built the building and we pay the lions share to run it, and it is the most Anti American organization ever. Why do we continue to spend our hard earned money to fund this leftist/ Muslim loving group…’s time to throw them out!


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