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REPORT: Obama Wants United Nations to TAKE American’s Freedoms!


America bows to no other nation, let alone the United Nations. The sooner America gets rid of Obama and his administration and their undermining plot to destroy our great country,  the sooner we will be able to restore ourselves.

From Joe For America

Many Americans are very excited to know Trump’s Inauguration Day is right around the corner. We’ve had enough of Obama’s policies which have weakened America and our military and made us look weak among nations around the world. Not that Obama could care. Afterall, Obama supported Obamacare and wanted a One World government, just like Hillary.

At one of Obama’s last gatherings with other world leaders at the UN, Obama said this:

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Here we go again. So we must give up our freedoms and get nothing in return. Obama’s entire Presidency has been to sell out the USA. He was nothing but a small time acommunity leader (rabble rouser) in Chicago. He brought no true leadership to the office of President of America.. His lack of negotiating and leadership shows, anbd his idea of negotiating is to give away the candy stores inventory in hopes to leave a legacy of greatness. Instead he has led us down the path of deception and lies.

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