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University Prof. Literally DRAGGED Off Plane For REFUSING To Abide By Boarding Procedures (VIDEO)


Our colleges and universities seem to be overrun with mentally ill, anti-social lunatics masquerading as professors. Now you know why so many college students are completely warped. I blame the presidents of every institution of supposed higher learning for this disaster. Hiring practices have to and must change.

From CBS Detroit

A woman seen in a viral video being dragged off a Delta flight by authorities at Detroit Metro Airport has been identified as an assistant professor at the University of Michigan.

Rhima Coleman is an assistant professor at the College of Engineering at the university, MLive reports.

A police report says Coleman was dragged off the flight after refusing to check her bag, swipe her boarding pass and leave the plane when requested to do so.

New details of the Dec. 12 incident appear in the report obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press through a public records request. The 40-year-old Michigan woman was removed from a Delta Air Lines flight preparing to depart for San Diego at the airport in Romulus.

A two-minute video clip posted online shows passengers craning their necks to look back as uniformed officers drag the woman down the jet’s narrow center aisle, stopping a couple of times to adjust before they continue. (Note: Video contains mild strong language).

The police report says the woman “passively resisted by falling to the floor.”

As the woman, flat on her back, passes by the person with the camera, her eyes are closed and she appears unresponsive. “Oh my God,” one passenger exclaims. Another passenger wonders aloud if a Taser has been used.

In unconfirmed reports posted at, a witness described the woman as “mouthy” with “a huge attitude,” adding that she was tackled and brought to the ground by police after she “blew by the gate agent without checking in.”

The video does not show this, however, beginning only when the woman is already on the floor.

The woman was arrested for disorderly conduct and failing to obey police and leave the aircraft.

She’s set to be arraigned Jan. 18 at Romulus district court.


This is such an odd story . A  University of Michigan so-called professor was  dragged off of a plane by authorities because she refused to comply with boarding procedures we all abide by regularly.

Imagine, if you will, how horrible an experience we would have trying to board an aircraft if everyone behaved like her. Really….refusing to show your boarding pass at the gate?

I guess there are people who will support any amount of ridiculous, self centered behavior!!

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