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VIDEO: Food Bank Offers Muslims Free Food And Gets Disrespected! OUTRAGEOUS!


Here’s another story of folks not appreciating the good things that they have given to them in this great country.  And then they go a step further, and growl at the hand that feeds them.

From CT

Imam Hassan Mohamoud, a teacher of Islamic law at William Mitchell College of Law, spoke on behalf of a group of Muslims living in America, stating: “All these people are here just asking you to fulfill the promises that you made.”

He stood around other Muslims, some women seated with their hijabs on, and some men standing around him, while he spoke an unidentified individual regarding food being provided to Muslims through, apparently, charitable food banks.

“We are asking only to have proper food which is, number one, ethnic food, and number two, unexpired, healthy food,” Mohamoud said.

A man seated at the head of the table promised to look into the problem stating: “I am prepared to explore this.”

“It is my understanding there are several food shelves that are providing halal,” he said, but was interrupted by a woman who claimed that was not the case.

As you might imagine, the comments on Ingraham’s page were generally not supportive.

The thing about Muslims that you should realize, is that they do not assimilate. Islamists don’t adapt to the existing culture of the host country, they simply try to force citizens of that country to conform to their beliefs or suffer the consequences,” wrote Diana Spirit.

Shariah law has no place in America,” Doll Davis added.

Others expressed confusion over the story because of a headline used by Ingraham that referred to food stamps. There was no indication from the video that the food stamp program was part of the discussion — food stamp programs do not hand out food, for example — although “county” funding appeared to be at issue.

These muslim folks need to know that a food bank is given donations generally by the community it is in. Make it work with what is being donated. Remeber you are not paying for it, if you don’t like it or can’t eat it due to your religious beliefs then leave for someone who will. We as the US can not cater to every religions food requirements. Remeber food banks operate off donationes, they don’t always get everything for each religion.

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