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DEMOCRATS!…Please Stop Saying The Election Was “Hacked”….Here’s Why It Wasn’t!


Another example of REAL fake news… Trump won because this country was circling the bowl for the third time and we needed someone to stop the flow. Obama has accomplished nothing, other than burden us with a debt that will take generations to dig out from under.

The election wasn’t hacked….yes some computers were hacked at the DNC and other places, and some TRUTH’s were released about the underhanded workings of many people. Those truth’s may have made some people vote differently, but so far I haven’t heard anyone say the information that was released was a LIE.

It’s time to Make America Great Again!

From YC

Ever since the ‘secret CIA assessment’ dropped claiming the Russians had been involved with hacking the DNC and phishing John Podesta, the media has been talking about the ‘election being hacked.’

This kicked up another notch after President Obama announced sanctions against Russia for the alleged cyber attacks, despite the FBI and DHS report being rather light on facts to pin on Russia even for the alleged DNC hack.

Just a small sample, from Heat Street:

CNN blasted out a tweet saying “Obama issues an executive order against 6 Russian individuals and 5 Russian entities over election hacking.”

Politico’s breaking news tweet read: “White House sanctions Russia over election hacks,” as did NPR’s, stating “President Obama orders sanctions against Russian intelligence services officials in response to election hacking.” The New York Times’ headline stated: “U.S. Punishes Russia for Election Hacking, Ejecting Operatives.”

Tom Winter of NBC News tweeted out the name of an alleged suspect wanted by the FBI for his role in the “election hacking.”

Matthew Dowd of ABC News, in a not-so-subtle jab at Donald Trump, tweeted: “What is more problematic for US national security: few thousand Mexicans coming across the border for work, or Russia hacking our election?

Yet, there has been no evidence at all produced that the actual election was hacked in any way, i.e. that the vote was affected. Indeed, the Obama administration has stated quite clearly that the vote was not compromised. Even Loretta Lynch stated this.

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to hack the election on a national scale as machines are operated differently from state to state. Some, such as those in Pennsylvania, are not even connected to the internet, so you would somehow have to crack them individually to have an influence.

But that hasn’t stopped the media in spreading this untruth.

And it’s having its effect, at least on Hillary Clinton supporters, 50% of whom believe that the actual election, i.e. the vote, was somehow hacked by Russia to help Donald Trump win.

It doesn’t really matter where the information came from. The fact that Hillary and the DNC were exposed for the reprehensible entities that they are is the real situation. But they will continue to use the messenger as misdirection.

And Obama looks totally incompetent whining about the Russians hacking. He never stops to consider he’s the one in charge, so maybe its his incompetent policies that allowed it.


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