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VIDEO: Al Sharpton Tells Black People to KILL Cops!


Well, since he’s attempting to incite the murders of citizens and law enforcement agents of the United States, he should be removed! With extreme prejudice if necessary! Sharpton’s not a man of God that he claims to be! And, should be arrested for tax evasion as well!

We all believe in the first amendment, but calling for the death of people shouldn’t be accepted because there are lots of uncivilized people who listen to these idiots. It’s amazing to me that MSNBC even let him walk through their doors, let alone give him a show.  Amazing!


I know this video is old, but Sharpton has never repented for what he said.  Most of us would have had our careers destroyed if we had made a statement like this.  People like Sharpton need to be called out for their blatant as well as their subtle racism.  He is a blight on the cause for racial harmony.

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