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VIDEO: ISIS Terrorist NOT So Brave When Captured!

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 It’s amazing how brave some men are when raping women, and children while holding a big gun, surrounded by their “homies”. A one on one with another trained, armed adult….uh not so brave.

He’s a dead man now, if the Kurds don’t kill him, ISIS will for crying!! The little coward deserves to have his head chopped off! Good going Kurds, you guys and gals are the true fighters!

From FI

It turns out that ISIS terrorists aren’t as tough as you might think.

A video originally posted to LiveLeak shows a suspected Islamic State fighter wailing uncontrollably after he’s captured by Kurdish fighters in Iraq.

Dressed in civilian clothing, the prisoner appears to have his hands bound behind his back and his eyes covered with a makeshift blindfold as he sits in the back of an armored truck.

The Kurdish forces appear to be unsympathetic as the prisoner moans loudly as he waits to be taken away.

The footage was first uploaded last December but has since re-emerged, attracting plenty of comments on social media.

These ISIS fighters are trained to do that. They play to their capture’s compassion. Now cut him lose and give him a gun and watch what happens. I’ve yet to see a film with one of them acting indignant when captured. They all cry like babies.


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