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Obama Keeps Propping Up This TERRORIST Nation! Please Stop The BLEEDING!


As most already know, the Obama administration essentially paid $400 million as ‘ransom’ to Iran for the release of American last year. But…it later was reported that they didn’t just give Iran $400 million but really gave them over $1.3 BILLION for the hostages!!

SURPRISE!  The Obama administration has now come up with another way to give Iran our hard earned tax dollars; this time the administration is giving these terrorists an additional $10 billion.

Well he ran on “Hope and Change” we just did not know at the time it was mostly for islamic terrorists.

From The Blaze:

The Obama administration reportedly signed legal waivers that allowed sanctions relief to the tune of $10 billion in cash and gold to be sent to Iran as part of the Iran deal. But the White House denies that they had any direct role in the payments.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the cash and gold were moved through third-party countries in the Middle East and Europe after Asian nations unfroze Iranian oil revenues and wired the funds to various banks, including in Oman, Switzerland and Turkey. U.S. lawmakers and Middle East allies worry, due to the highly liquid nature of cash, the payments could be used to fund terror regimes.

The money was converted to currency and bars of gold, U.S. officials said. The White House put a single restriction on the transactions: They could not include U.S. dollars.

From The Wall Street Journal:

To enable the flow of the $700 million monthly payments, the White House signed a series of legal waivers authorizing countries to unfreeze Iranian oil revenues, the officials said. Without the waivers, those countries in many cases would have been in violation of U.S. secondary sanctions.

Of course, the Obama administration says it didn’t actually participate in the $10 billion cash and gold transfers to Iran, asserting that the nations that unfroze the oil revenues and made the banking transfers did so of their own volition.

Obama makes deals with our enemies and  terrorists, and yet spits in the face of our allies and friends, e.g. Israel.

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