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CAIR Group Sues U.S. Gov’t. For Putting Muslims On Terror Watch List. WHAT?


One of the biggest Radical Muslim terrorist Groups in America. They don’t ‘Care’ at all – CAIR Counsel on Arabic Islamic Relations. Their only mission is the destruction of America.

They came to America in the mid 1960s & have been working behind the scenes ever since. Obama appointed high-ranking members of this group into his Cabinet immediately in his first term.

From: BizPacReview

Placing Muslim jihadists on a ‘terror watch list’ is now apparently discriminatory, according to the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

In two federal lawsuits this week, CAIR alleges that the U.S. government’s terror watch list is unconstitutional because it violates the rights of individuals on the list, according to a report by Courthouse News Service.

“Defendants have utilized the watch list, not as a tool to enhance aviation and border security, but as a bludgeon to coerce American Muslims into becoming informants or forgoing the exercise of their rights, such as the right to have an attorney present during law enforcement questioning,” the lawsuits claim.
Executive Director of CAIR Dawud Walid said that if the federal government was going to track Islamic extremism, it should also surveillance Donald Trump supporters.

“I think the question is, are we going to be selective about this?” Walid said. “Are we following people and placing people on this list who go to KKK meetings, people who go to Donald Trump rallies?”…

The lawsuits also claim that residents from Dearborn, Mich., are overly represented on the terror watch list only because the area has a massive Muslim population of 40 percent.

Cair is a member of a terrorists organization, the Muslim brotherhood! Therefore we need to get everyone of them out of our government. We need to send them back to their homeland to get our country back! Anyone who cannot live under the USA constitution and follow our laws must go!!

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