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1,565 Refugees Allowed To Enter U.S. With ACTIVE Tuberculosis!

Here ya go……The Dems and Libs are helping to make America Safe Again….NOT!  The US government have allowed almost 1,600 refugees  with active tuberculosis into the U.S. since 2012

Liberal policies in action—
The US admitted 1,565 refugees to the United States with active tuberculosis since 2012.

In the old days these migrants would be returned back to their country of origin.
Breitbart.com reported:

Between 2012 and 2015, 1,565 refugees were diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB) in the United States, according to annual reports published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The CDC data, which has been public but obscure until now, shows that the number of refugees diagnosed with active TB in recent years is more than three times greater than previously reported by any media outlet.

The number of refugees diagnosed with TB in the United States has increased every year since 2012, the first year the CDC began publishing data on foreign-born cases of the disease by category, when 358 were diagnosed. In 2013, 396 refugees were diagnosed with TB. The following year, 2014, 402 refugees were diagnosed with TB, and in 2015, the number of refugees diagnosed with TB rose again to 409. Data for 2016 has not yet been reported.

I feel sorry for everyone that was working hospitals or in taking these people who were exposed then had to be quarantined like a prisoner hoping they won’t contract it too.  Is it too much to ask that anyone coming into this country be properly vetted, and if found to be of questionable character or with disease, sent back where they came from?  I guess so.


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