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REPORT: ILLEGAL Border Crossings UP 15% In 2016 — Wave of OBAMA Illegals Coming! (Video)

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A wave of illegal immigrants from countries south of the U.S. Border with Mexico is cascading into the southern states.

The percentage increase in illegal border crossings in 2016 is similar to that of 2015, and 2014

Adam Housley reported from Los Angeles:

If Obama had it his way and were President any longer, the U.S. would likely evolve to be a 3rd World country! Flooding the country with illegals and cats with H1B Visas isn’t good for anyone!

Thankfully, there is a regime change coming in less than 3 weeks.  Keep your eye on those shady Republicans like Sen. McCain and Sen. Graham.  They are out to sabotage every Trump move, and they need to be held accountable….they are snakes.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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