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Judge Jeanine Sickened!>>>DEMOCRATS Have Been Oppressing Minorities!


On the surface, it would appear that Democrats have been a salvation for Blacks and other minorities in this country, but the stark reality is far different.  See the Judge’s argument…compelling for well thought souls.

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In her Opening Statement last night, Judge Jeanine Pirro said that Democratic Party-inspired government support for the last century has become the most abusive form of “suppression and oppression” in inner cities.

“It is keeping African Americans and minority communities from attaining not only the American Dream, but a normal safe, secure and productive life,” Judge Jeanine said. “A supposed well-intentioned support system is chaining our minority communities to an inter-generational cycle of poverty, dependency and depression.”

She pointed out that Democrat-run cities have consistently failed in this regard, with rising murder rates and plummeting job and education opportunities.

“Folks, if something just doesn’t work time after time, over and over, what does it tell you? Should you keep going with it? Should you do it again?”

Watch Judge Jeanine’s powerful Opening Statement below:

Judge I have an answer. Dems give them freebies and in return they vote like crazy for the goodies. Not thinking of the rest of the country and the hard working people who have to pay more than their fare share of taxes.

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