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THIS Is How DEMOCRATS Plan To SABOTAGE Obamacare Repeal……


Democrats think they have a way to throw off Republicans from repealing and replacing the Obama care (ACA) . It might be called Democrats hallucinating.

Although Democrats don’t have the numbers in the House or Senate to stop the repeal, they can try to split the Republicans by offering to attach several measures to the bill…. a common process

Democrats have pomised over and over that Obamacare would lower health insurance premiums while allowing you to keep your policy and your physician, now they want us to believe that they can come up with a better plan.  Forget it!…you’ve had eight years to improve this debacle called Obamacare, and you’ve just let the American people dangle.

Bottom line….Democrats realize that they cannot stop an Obamacare repeal if Republicans are together. So their gambit is to establish disunity by requesting that Republicans pass provisions like importation, drug price negotiations and price controls that Democrats never even considered for the last 8 years.  Imagine that!

 Right now it looks like most Republicans see through this ruse.  Of course Democrats will have the media on their side, and new “lobbyist” named Barack Obama flipping about D.C.

Democrats passed Obamacare without the help of Republicans, and it failed miserably. Now Republicans will attempt to pass something that will actually lower premium costs and make access to coverage and care much better. Republicans had better turn away from Democratic efforts to disrupt and divide, and stay honed in on the issue at hand: repealing and replacing Obamacare.

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