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BLM Highway Protesters Get Quick and Hard Justice! Cheers!


Black Live Matter (BLM) was never to fight social injustice . They were intended to intimidate the general voting population so HRC would win. They were intended to create such havoc and civil disobedience to tempt cops to arrest or shoot so they could further shout racist epitaphs and continue their agenda. 

From American News

In the last term of Barack Obama’s presidency, we’ve seen many protests turn violent. So far, our President has had very little to say about the looting of businesses and the blocking of traffic on highways.

A prime group known for abusing the right to protest is the Black Lives Matter movement, who claim be fighting for “social justice.” Despite their intentions, they seem to be doing more harm than good. Our country is more divisive now than it has ever been—and property damage, injury, and even death should never be a legal way to protest.

In Massachusetts recently, BLM protesters blocked a highway to protest a shooting. In the process, an ambulance that was rushing to the hospital with an 82-year-old man was not able to pass. The protesters were not charged with any crimes.

It was a different story in Richmond, Virginia. Protesters stood in a line on Interstate 95 and chanted, “No justice, no peace, no racist police!”

They were all arrested within an hour and the roads were cleared. All those involved have plead guilty and will be sentenced for endangering themselves and others.

What do you think? Is this the way our legal system should work?

Yes it was handled properly. These people don’t care about anything but causing trouble, looting businesses and being the racists they claim to be against. If they weren’t racist they wouldn’t have “black” in their name and they would be working for a better USA for all people. When we start adding colors to our names, we become racist.

The BLM movement is what is actually fueling racism right now. They want it to get worse! Like Morgan Freeman recently stated, “Racism will go away when people STOP talking about it! We are each individual human beings & every single one of us matters!

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