BREAKING: TRUMP Says "You're FIRED" to These Obama Appointees! Cheers! - Democrat Busters
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BREAKING: TRUMP Says “You’re FIRED” to These Obama Appointees! Cheers!


Why wouldn’t they be expecting this? If I had worked for Obama (heaven forbid), I would be expecting to be let go. Why would Trump want to be surrounded by Obama minions?  Even for a few days.

Half of them never should have been in their position of Ambassador to start with. They can’t be trusted, so fire them all. If they think like Obama, they must go.

From WD

Donald Trump dropped a bombshell on Barack Obama’s entire administration just before Christmas when he fired every U.S. ambassador appointed by the current president, effective Inauguration Day.

While liberals are up in arms about this, a senior Trump official said there was no ill will behind this move. Instead, it was simply meant to ensure that Obama’s political appointees leave their positions on schedule, just as thousands of other government employees must do. The official added that this directive should not have come as a surprise to the ambassadors.

Not this time, however, as Trump is making it clear he wants to purge the entire government of anyone related to Obama.
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Good move on Trump’s part.  Trump has hit the ground running, and has jettisoned all the “old way” of doing things.  It’s his way now…or the highway.  It’s refreshing to see a President take over the way Trump has….he has all the markings of one that will get stuff done.

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