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Obama’s HUGE Insult to TRUMP Before He Leaves Office…..NASTY!


They certainly seem to want to depart with leaving a bad taste in the mouths of Americans.  Obama likes to use his middle finger all the time to express how he feels , such a low class and childish thing to do ! It’s no wonder foreign leaders had no respect for him , who would respect someone as low class as Obama ?

From PI

With only a few days left in the White House, the Obamas are racing to spend millions of taxpayer cash on vacations and adding thousands of new regulations.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama just returned from a two-week Hawaiian vacation with the family. Returning to Washington, D.C., they will now host a luxurious, exclusive party at the executive mansion on Friday where top celebrities will attend. No expense will be spared.

Hilariously, many of those on the guest list are the same liberal celebrities who would never be in town during President elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration. But instead of seeing it as a snub, liberal Washington Post seems thrilled about the news:

If this star-studded shindig follows the traditional Obama script for private parties, the first couple will be footing the bill themselves as they did for the Prince concert last summer. Cellphones will be confiscated at the White House security gate and social media crumbs will be few. But afterward, tales of the president’s dance moves and sore feet will make the late-night talk show rounds.

Yes, that is “fair and balanced” reporting. With terrorism abroad and serious economic problems in America, this reporter wants to focus learning new details about Obama’s “dance moves and sore feet.”

Plus, the Obamas couldn’t possibly cover the costs of this event themselves. The security, accommodations, facility costs could easily run in the millions. The Secret Service now has to work to user famous celebrities into Washington, D.C., coordinate their private security teams, and get them back home to Hollywood safely.

Here are those expected to attend:

Old standbys such as singer Usher and actor Samuel L. Jackson will most likely be there, according to another person with knowledge of the invitees. Also currently practicing their sweet moves are media titan Oprah Winfrey, who snagged an exit interview with the first lady last month on her fellow invitee and bestie Gayle King’s network CBS; actor Bradley Cooper, who showed up to the French state dinner sans underpants; Beyoncé, who sang at both of Obama’s inaugurations, and her husband, rapper Jay Z, are both whispered to be performing. We’re also hearing that Stevie Wonder, who has performed at the White House, director J.J. Abrams and director George Lucas make the list.

The Obamas are hosting this a week before exiting the White House as a snub to President elect Trump. These famous liberal actors have made public announcements that they would never perform at the inauguration and don’t care about the millions of voters who elected Trump in November.

This is a massive insult by the Hollywood elite and an out-of-touch President who will certainly miss being a celebrity himself.

President Barack Obama and Michelle have no class, and have embarrassed America for eight years. It’s fitting that they would exit in the most expensive, disgraceful way possible.

Here’s several lib-tards arriving at the ‘Gay-la’:

They have never had any class! Just two more leaches on presidential welfare at the taxpayers expense, and stealing us blind to the bitter end. Thanks to our liberal left Democrats for another failed social experiment that has set our country back 50 years!  I am just glad they are going! Very sad that Americans who preach love for their fellow man , act as they do! I guess it’s do as I say not as I do. Very sad! Our new President has a very tough job ahead of him.


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