TEA Party Founder Santelli BLASTS Liberals on NBC's Meet The Press! I Can't Stop Cheering! (VIDEO) - Democrat Busters
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TEA Party Founder Santelli BLASTS Liberals on NBC’s Meet The Press! I Can’t Stop Cheering! (VIDEO)


Rick Santelli…. A good man who knows BS when he hears it, and won’t hesitate to tell you.  He doesn’t hold back as the lone realist on the Meet the Press panel.  Santelli tells it like it is and asks the hard questions of the panelists.  They are not used to that for certain.

No one should ever watch these partisan propagandists, for any reason, ever again. The only way to ever shut them up (short of imposing a dirt nap on them) is to deny them the publicity that keeps them gasping along. They’ve replaced belief in a higher power with the orthodoxy of unshakeable faith in their own mendacious posturing. This is their new religion. They are irrational and incapable of looking at themselves in the mirror.

And the comment from David Brooks: “Putin is a guy who murders journalists, who has destroyed the democratic process in his own country and now suddenly he feels the freedom to try to do that in our country”. Suddenly? Really??? It is neither sudden nor unique to Putin. Red China, for instance, has been even worse an offender and this has been going on forever. Obama knew it, and deliberately did nothing; his media lickspittles are looking to fabricate reality to, as ever, save his feckless a$$, conflating election tampering with historical secret hacking.

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