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Crazy Liberal Radio Host Goes Head to Head With Judge Jeanine Over Trump!

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This crazy Lib has gone off the tracks completely!  

They have been so bamboozled by the media for 8 years, that they just can’t believe Americans rejected their failed Socialism.

Coo Coo Liberal radio host Coco Soodek went on Judge Jeanine’s Saturday night show and said that Donald Trump’s win was “a product of a Putin coup” in the USA.  This seems to be the latest mantra of the libs and Dems. Take a look at the kook!

ENOUGH! Russia did not get Trump voted in please. The reason Trump got voted in was Hillary was a corrupt politician and she was weak politically. Her past political career work was corrupt, and people did not want Obama policies carried on another 4 years….they wanted real change. Like the judge said …Trump WON!.. He’s our President like it or not …..get over it already!

In our opinion at Democrat Busters, those that deny the results of the American electoral system are not legitimate Americans. Renounce your citizenship and emigrate to a country that suits you better.


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