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ESPN Thinks Part of Michelle Obama Belongs on Mount Rushmore.

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Imagine for a moment if you will… Mt. Rushmore….or do a google search if that is easier. Either way, you will soon see America’s two most iconic founding fathers, a USA war hero, and of course the president who held together the Union and freed the slaves.

BUT….Jill Hudson of ESPN’s “The Undefeated,” thinks Michell obama’s “fashion” is so good, that it belongs on get this…..Mount Rushmore!  Really?


Heres the quote….“When Michelle Obama leaves the White House for the last time on Jan. 20….her fashion legacy is completely assured. We’re talking carved in Mount Rushmore granite, shined up with shea butter leg grease and co-signed by #BlackGirlMagic.”

Well, she didn’t say literally that the Michelle should be carved into a mountain for eternity, but even to insinuate by comaprison is ridiculous.

Ms. Hudson heaped so much praise on Michelle Obama’s fashionthat she may have written a thesis were it transcribed.

 It’s not that Michelle Obama is a snappy dresser, but let’s be real….she has people buy clothes for her, and dress her while she’s first lady.  Not a luxury many attend.


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