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Judge Jeanine Exposes Rep. John Lewis’ With One Question!(Video)

jeanine lewis

On her show this week “Justice”, Judge Jeanine Pirro shot back hard at Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) in regard to his claims that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president-elect.

Rep. Lewis was a civil rights advocate with Martin Luther King, andhas represented the 5th district of Georgia for over 30 years.  Mr Lewis told NBC that Russian influence in the 2016 election had delegitimized Trump’s victory and also said he will not be at the inauguration.

The Judge shot back at Lewis….”Pray tell, Congressman, what’s not legitimate?” Pirro asked, “Trump won by a large electoral college margin and in spite of efforts to do a recount… nothing changed.”

“Did you not take an oath to support the Constitution? You, a Congressman for 30 years know how to amend the Constitution if you don’t like it.”  BANG!

Here’s the video….

Rep. John Lewis may have crossed the bridge with Dr. King, but not with the same thinking as Dr. King. Anybody who walked in that march should be well aware of the improvements that have occurred  for blacks as well as the rest of this Country. Sounds like Lewis has old timers disease or self inflicted blindness.


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